Climate Change and Environment
Training Needs Assessment for Capacity Building Programme in Himachal Pradesh for Climate Change Adaptation
Vulnerability and Adaptation – Climate Resilient Development – A Synthesis Report
Vulnerability and Adaptation – Climate Resilient Development – Case Studies
Climate Change – V&A Experiences from Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh

Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction & Development – Experiences and Opportunities in South Asia
Forest based communities in changing landscapes
Rural Economy
Organic Basmati Crop Guide
Biogas Project, Uttarakhand (Hindi)

Biogas Project, Uttarakhand (English)
Capitalising on experience in Indo Swiss Cooperation In Livestock Development in India – CAPEX
Perspective Livestock Development Plan, Department of Animal Husbandry, Government of Chhattisgarh
Chhattisgarh Livestock Development and Breeding Policy
Catalysing change – Experiences in the small ruminant sector
HID in the livestock sector (Experience of working with govt. of Orissa) Contact :
Policy process in the livestock sector Contact :
Indigenous poultry-genetic resources of Orissa
Economics of small ruminants, pigs and BYP production in Orissa
Ethno veterinary medicines of Tribal Orissa
Poverty alleviation through poultry production (W/SHOP REPORT) Contact :
Biodiversity of livestock in Orissa and its role (BOOK) Contact :
Sheep and goat genetic resources of Orissa
Livestock service delivery and poor Contact :
Ginger pests and diseases (Experiences in collaboration)
Addressing sustainable livelihoods in rural Sikkim
Human and Institutional Development – Interventions and Learning
Livestock – Environment Policy note
Traditional milk marketing
Traditional milk marketing (Process document)
Assessment & Reflections on Livestock Service Delivery Systems in Andhra Pradesh
Para-veterinary Training Programmes in Andhra Pradesh
Para-veterinarians and Animal Health Workers in AP
Mainstreaming Minor Veterinary Services in Andhra Pradesh
Control strategy and Action Plan for Animal Diseases of Economic Importance in AP
Traditional Milk Sector – Full /Main Report
Vet Edu-CALPI series 10
Adivasis and livelihoods
Growing Healthy Ginger – A Manual and Ginger seed source and recipient monitoring – A guide
Livestock in the changing landscape in India; its environmental, social and health consequences and responses – A case study
Governance & Social Development
Panchayats:The Need for Support System
Empowering the people: Experience with Village Development Societies in promoting local governance
People centred, people initiated, people controlled – A Participatory Review of ISPWDK
Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation – Field experiences
Developing the full potential of assigned lands
Integrating Gender in watershed development – Lessons of experience
Orissa – PS 8: Empowerment through local self governance from Rhetoric to Reality – Field Experiences
Experience with Communities of Practice in India
Tradition meeting modernity: A case study on the management of Mudiyanur Tank, Kolar District Contact :